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Kit assembly demonstration

Please click on the video for a demonstration of how to use the Mitomycin medac instillation kit.

Kit assembly instructions

1. Tear open the protective cover, but do not remove completely. This will protect the tip of the instillation system from contamination. Remove the caps from the vial and the instillation system.

Mitomycin closed instillation system

2. Hold the vial on a hard surface and press the connector of the instillation system firmly, in a straight manner, on to the vial. Turn the vial 3 times completely (360°) to establish a connection.

Mitomycin instillation system

3. Holding the tube vertically, break the upper valve by bending it backwards and forwards.

Intravesical mitomycin

4. Gently squeeze some liquid into the vial, but do not fill the vial completely.

Intravesical mitomycin kit instructions

5. Invert the entire system. Gently squeeze some air from the instillation system into the vial to draw the reconstituted mitomycin back into the instillation system. Do not remove the vial.

Intravesical mitomycin Instillation system

6. Hold the instillation system vertically. Remove the protective cover completely and connect the system to a catheter. Break the sealing mechanism in the tube section by bending backwards and forwards and instill the solution.

Intravesical mitomycin Instillation system for Bladder Cancer Treatment

Rapidly dissolving formulation

Mitomycin medac has a rapidly dissolving formulation.1

Please click on the video for a demonstration of this.


  1. medac GmbH (2016). Video showing dissolving speeds of two mitomycin vials.

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