medac Pharma
Intended for UK healthcare professionals

Monitor your patient’s symptoms after intravesical therapy

The BC Care Tracker app by medac Pharma has been specially developed to help healthcare professionals monitor patient’s symptoms following intravesical therapy for bladder cancer.

Once an account has been created and the treatment number selected, the app will remind patients to answer a series of questions about the severity of symptoms they may be experiencing, 24 hours after treatment.

Once completed, a summary of the symptoms is automatically emailed to the patient’s nurse specialist.

Instructions for use

Search for BC Care Tracker app from the following stores and install onto the patient’s device:

  • Open the app and create a patient account.
  • When completed, a unique patient number will be created. This should be retained to cross reference against the patient’s records.
  • Select which type of treatment the patient is receiving.
  • Input an NHS email address where the results summary should be sent (this can be changed to another email address at any time).
  • When intravesical treatment is complete, select a treatment number between 1-10 and press start. This will set a timer which will remind patients to fill in questions about their symptoms 24 hours later.
  • If the patient doesn’t fill in and submit their results, they will receive another reminder 4 hours later.
  • When the patient clicks submit, a summary of their results will be automatically sent to the NHS email address provided.
  • When the patient returns for their next treatment, click on the next treatment number available, and the process will be repeated.

Please note: The data collected from patient responses is only available to the healthcare professional whose email address has been inputted into the app.